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Pieria is one of the regional units of Greece located in the southern part of the Region of Central Macedonia, within the historical province of Macedonia. 

Its capital is the town of Katerini. The name Pieria originates from the ancient Pieres tribe.

In Pieria, there are many sites of archeological interest, such as Dion, Pydna, Leivithra and Platamonas.

This area is very connected to mythology: Pieria is home to Mt. Pierus from which Hermes takes flight in order to visit Calypso, home to Orpheus and the Muses, as well as the Pierian Spring.

Mt. Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece and throne of the ancient Greek gods, is located in the southern part of Pieria.

Other ancient cities included Leibethra and Pimpleia.

Our accommodation units are in Paralia Katerini, Olympic Beach and other resorts and villages of the area, like Korinos, Nei Pori, Platamonas, Leptokarya, Plaka Lithochorou, etc.