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The Switzerland of Greece!

Do you think you know all the corners of Greece? You are making a huge mistake because you still have a lot to discover. Of course, we will help you with this. Wave Travel travels to the enchanting Evrytania and Karpenissi, its capital. Landscape sculpted by nature and God!

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The charm of the first capital

N for Nafplio!

In eastern Peloponnese, one of the most romantic cities all over Greece, Nafplio was the first capital of the newly born Greek state between 1823 and 1834.
Castles and neoclassical buildings, old neighborhoods, pedestrian streets and large squares. A city overflowing with life, which preserves the legends of the past and seduces you into its mysterious atmosphere. Let's start wandering in this special place. We will of course start from the famous Palamidi, which has 999 or 857 steps that lead to its top.

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Travelling South Nafpaktos

Travelling South-Nafpaktos

Today we travel to the South to a very special place. The magnificent city of Nafpaktos, a place for all months of the year, beautiful, historic and relaxed at the same time. Nafpaktos is a seaside town of Aitoloakarnania and is located on the coastline of the Gulf of Corinth, a short distance from the mountainous hinterland. With a long history, Nafpaktos is one of the oldest cities in Greece.

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Α scenic mountain destination-Agios Athanasios

 Α scenic mountain destination!

Today we will refer to a different favorite winter destination, Agios Athanasios. It is a traditional settlement, which in the mid-80s was abandoned, as according to the residents, the snow left the village blocked for months, creating enormous feeding problems and not only for the residents. For this reason, they built the new settlement a few kilometers below. In the 90s, the ski resort, the well-known Kaimaktsalan, was built, which upgraded the area to the most popular one in western Macedonia.

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