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The charm of the first capital


N for Nafplio

In eastern Peloponnese, one of the most romantic cities all over Greece, Nafplio was the first capital of the newly born Greek state between 1823 and 1834. Castles and neoclassical buildings, old neighborhoods, pedestrian streets and large squares. A city overflowing with life, which preserves the legends of the past and seduces you into its mysterious atmosphere. Let's start wandering in this special place. We will of course start from the famous Palamidi, which has 999 or 857 steps that lead to its top.

The Venetian castle of Nafplion, a trademark of the Greeks' struggle for freedom, combines a uniquely impressive view, endless romance and vivid images of the past, deservingly earning a place among the most attractive destinations in Greece.
We continue climbing to Akronafplia, the historical Acropolis of Argolic. It consists of three levels, each of which was a separate castle with walls built in different historical periods. From the rock of Akronaflia you will enjoy the unique view towards Bourtzi and the beach of Arvanitia.

Be impressed by Bourzi, the imposing sea tower. The castle, built in 1473, is one of the most important attractions of Nafplion. It was the residence of the bailiffs of Palamidi, the residence of two governments in 1824 and 1827, but also a luxury hotel. From a distance it resembles an elegant stone sculpture.

In the center of the old town of Nafplio you will start a journey into the latest history of Greece: in one of the most central parts of the city, you will see Syntagma Square, surrounded by historical buildings: the Trianon, the building of the Archaeological Museum and the National Bank , made in the interwar period. In the surrounding streets you will discover the first Parliament of the Greeks, the church of Agios Spyridon outside which I. Kapodistrias was murdered in 1831 and opposite the city's only hammam.

Holidays in Nafplion are a journey through the modern history of Greece. Beyond its great attractions, it stands out for its natural beauty, its mysterious atmosphere and of course, for its local and delicious dishes!!!
Great Road, the Nafpliots still calls it and it is the main artery through Nafplio, mainly car-free and full of life, ambience and culture. We begin at Syntagma Square. Megalos Dromos is the road that starts just to the left of the old mosque in the east of the square. This part of the Great Road offers us beautiful neo-classical buildings, lush bougainvilleas, small shops and nice cafes. You can buy clothes or jewellery, have a coffee or a light meal, and perhaps do a bit of people spotting.

Nafplio’s town beach is called Arvanitia, a beach with gravel and small rocks. . It is also fun to dive and swim from the low cliffs nearby. The beach is quite steep. Kastraki is another beach in Nafplio.A small, cute gravel beach that’s located near Tolo.

As this is a town that receives visitors all year round, there are many places to eat and drink in Nafplion. Most of these places are found in the Old Town of Nafplion, spread at the narrow streets and the picturesque squares. The largest square is Syntagma Square, where visitors will locate many restaurants, taverns and cafe bars. Some nice bars are also found along the port promenade of Nafplion, offering a great view to the sea and the Bourtzi Fortress. Discover the sports you can practise in Nafplion during your holiday. Watersports, scuba diving, canyoning are some of them.