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Lefkada, the summer trend

Lefkada, the summer trend

On the occasion of the arrival of Spring, we think it is an amazing opportunity to escape to a beautiful Greek island. This, of course, is the famous Lefkada!!!

Surrounded by 24 islets, including the famous Scorpio of Aristotle Onassis. It is easily accessible with Central Greece as they are joined by a floating bridge. Who hasn't heard of its famous sights and its deep blue beaches, its picturesque settlements and its dense vegetation? Organized and deserted beaches of amazing beauty, high cultural tradition and hospitable residents.
The city of Lefkada is capital and port at the same time, it is characterized by a special urban structure reminiscent of a "herringbone". Beautiful alleys, small squares, traditional houses, ornate bell towers and paved sidewalks make up the character of the city. The coastline of Lefkada is adorned by dozens of beaches of incomparable natural beauty.

Lefkada is an enviable destination for lovers of water sports. The water track of Lefkada is considered the paradise of surfers and holds the first place in the preferences of Greek and foreign athletes of the genre. In Lefkada, all water sports have their due.

The most popular beaches of Lefkada

Ready for a dip in paradise? Beaches with turquoise and green waters, white sand or fine white pebbles. Vast exotic beaches, coves, cliffs cut vertically, pine trees reaching down to the water. Seat, Cliffs, Mill, Pefkoulia, Mills, Ammoglossa. And the star of the island, Porto Katsiki. Every dip and cleanse.

-Porto Katsiki, www.aromalefkada.gr


Οι κρυμμένοι θησαυροί της Λευκάδας

The Venetian olive grove with centuries-old olive trees tells their story. The olive grove, which "hugs" the western side of the city, was created at the request of the Venetians in the 17th century. There, you will enjoy walking or cycling among the "immortal" olive trees.
To reach the waterfalls in Dimosari follow the shady path under the plane trees. You will find yourself in a unique revelation: from the huge rocks the water falls with force into a deep blue lake. You won't resist the plunge. Your vacation in Lefkada will definitely pay off.

-Waterfalls of Dimosari, Discover Greece


Explore the villages in the green hinterland. An absolute must whenever you visit Lefkada is to explore its villages, especially those around Karya, in the heart of the island. Karya is the largest and liveliest Lefkada village with impressive houses, atmospheric streets and beautiful cafes.

You should not forget to try the seafood and other local delicacies. When we talk about Lefkada cuisine, we usually refer to what the sea produces: cod, squid, swordfish, eel, crab and sardines (a favorite dish of the locals). Other delicacies of the island are roe, air salami and lentils produced in the traditional way in the mountain village of Egluvi. It is worth it to visit Egluvi and meet the local producers of this special variety of lentils, famous for its taste and ease of cooking. Lefkada still produces excellent olive oil and wine, and there are also some wineries that you can visit.

-Discover Greece

Lefkada offers everything in abundance... Incomparable beaches, nature, easy access and an inexhaustible summer mood. Yes, you know - the mood that the Ionian Islands give you so uniquely.