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Surrounded by rivers-Amfilochia

Surrounded by rivers - Amfiloxia

3 hours outside Athens dominates a misunderstood town. Of course I am referring to Amfilochia, a place built in a pivotal position. Surrounded by the rivers Louros and Arachthos. Close to it is the cape of Agios Georgios, where there is also a lighthouse.

The city "nests" between two hills inside the bay. The combination of the mountain mass with the sea makes Amfilochia an ideal shelter to protect boats from the winds. So sheltered is this harbor that no shipwreck has ever been recorded here. It has a geostrategic position, since for centuries it was the only passage from western Central Greece to Epirus. Great is the importance of the bay as a wetland, which since 2008 has been included in the National Parks, while it is considered a staging point in winter for many waterfowl. As for the waterfront promenade, it is bustling, full of restaurants, snack bars and cafes. Beautiful beaches in the area for walking and diving are Agios Georgios, Koulouri, Anoixiatiko, Vlycho, Loutraki and Arapis.

In addition, Kremasto Lake is located between the prefectures of Etoloakarnania and Evrytania and is fed by the waters of four rivers: Acheloos, Agrafiotis, Tauropos and Trikeriotis. Its coastline reaches 90 kilometers and was created in 1966 after the construction of the Kremasto dam.

Nearby attractions that you should not miss are The Holy Monastery of Aretha or "Ta Retha". It is located on a low hill of Mount Makrynoros, it is 31 km from Amfilochia. The monastery is considered the holiest pilgrimage, perhaps of the entire prefecture of Etoloakarnania.

-Holy Monastery of Aretha

Another great attraction of the area is Limnea. The ancient city has been famous since the time of the Peloponnesian war and is literally...two steps from Amfilochia. During the Middle Ages, its castle was the seat of the Venetians. A walk in this area today is very charming as the ruins of the medieval buildings and also the whole aura of the location is magical.

-Kremasto Lake
-The Ancient Limnea


Amfilochia offers something different for every visitor: mountain routes for mountaineering and alternative tourism, monuments, archaeological and religious sites, beautiful, picturesque villages of Etoloakarnania and Evrytania to visit and tour. The free boat trips, which are carried out with the support of the Hellenic Tourism Organization with great success, are one of the best ways to get to know Kremasto Lake.

As far as the tasting of the area is concerned today it is famous for its cheese products (such as the famous pecorino) but above all for its catches, since Amvrakikos is famous for its fluffy shrimps – just a stone's throw from the city are large and well-known fish farming units.
The hard cheeses of Amfilochia are considered to be of excellent quality, but also of exceptional taste. The Kefalograviera of Amfilochia, in fact, won the Gold Award in the 2007 Panhellenic Greek Cheese Quality Competition

-Pecorino cheese

It is a place unruly and charming. Moody and introverted. Beautiful and friendly. She is a fairy, in a sea of phosphorus*. Of those where if your "eyes" cross once, your compass will always point Ambrakiko. Ambrakikos presents a rare phenomenon due to the high concentration of microorganisms, the so-called plankton. In fact, some months of the year, when the sun goes down, the sea begins to glow, as if its waves are filled with stars.