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Mythical mountain-Elatochori

Road trip to the mythical mountain!

Τhe well-known mountain village of Pieria, Elatochori, where it is said that the nine muses of Greek mythology lived and entertained the Olympian gods with their melodies. It is a beautiful natural and harmonious environment with rich flora that includes all the usual species of neighboring Olympus, such as pink anemones, salepi, wild carnations, wild strawberries and of course the famous mountain tea (Sideritis scardica). The Pieria mountains are among the most densely forested mountains in Greece, with beech and black pine dominating.

-Sideritis scardica / photo: Google

Elatochori is located on the eastern side of Pieria, at an altitude of about 1000 m. The village, consisting of the oldest and the newest settlement. The old settlement was completely destroyed in 1944 by the German army. Only the church of Agios Nikolaos (17th century) was saved. After 1950 the inhabitants built the present village a little below.

On the mountain stand out the large forests of firs and chestnuts, while plane trees, maples and willows are found next to streams with flowing gurgling water.. The village consists of the oldest and the newest settlement and is a top winter resort, due to the operation of the ski center, about 8 km west on the slopes of the mountain. Sports lovers can enjoy winter sports at the Ski Center of Elatochori and climbing the highest peaks of the mountain, or with routes and explorations, on trails and forest roads with mountain bikes and 4×4 jeeps.











 -Waterfall Sotiri Rema/Passenger.gr

Αctivities in Elatochori

As we mentioned, Elatochori has the Ski Center, where the visitor can ski and snowboard as well as various other recreational activities. Τhose who love hiking have the opportunity to explore the unique moped paths of the village accompanied by an experienced mountain guide. The mountain guide informs about the paths and routes that exist around Elatochori, in order to choose which one to follow on our excursion.



The names of the points are of course related to local stories and legends. The sight is truly unique. Οne more enjoyable route is the one that leads to Ai Neri. It is a route next to the water. There is a small chapel where, according to tradition, Saint Anthony practiced asceticism. The water that falls from the roof of the small cave, the locals believe that it has medicinal and healing properties.



From the old settlement we can follow a short path next to the stream to the location "Keramida". We can also hike to the Ski Center of Elatochori (1,500 m.) which is now open all year round and continue to Arvaniti (2,023 m.) and from there if we want to continue even higher. It is also easy to start from the point "Nikola Pigadi" (1,100 m) and hike to the botanical trail of Eratos or otherwise also the mushroom trail where we will admire the beautiful waterfall "Sotiri Rema".

In addition to hiking, a separate sport that has started to take center stage in recent years is mountain biking and 4x4 jeeps. These are two separate activities and very interesting, which raise the adrenaline.


Back to base

In the picturesque village of Elatochori, the visitor can spend the night in the guesthouses that exist. They maintain the distinct style of stone and wood and leave the feeling that you are living in another era. Are you a lover of good food and wine? If the answer is yes, then it is important to mention the local cuisine of the area. In the various taverns there are local meats and products, which one can enjoy next to the fireplace.