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Α scenic mountain destination-Agios Athanasios

Α scenic mountain destination!

Today we will refer to a different favorite winter destination, Agios Athanasios. It is a traditional settlement, which in the mid-80s was abandoned, as according to the residents, the snow left the village blocked for months, creating enormous feeding problems and not only for the residents. For this reason, they built the new settlement a few kilometers below. In the 90s, the ski resort, the well-known Kaimaktsalan, was built, which upgraded the area to the most popular one in western Macedonia.

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The old Agios Athanasios is a "fairytale" winter resort, surrounded by Macedonian architecture and all built with stone and wood. The alleys of the settlement are stone-built and it has an amazing view of Lake Vegoritida.

The area offers many activities such as hiking in the mountains, horse riding, archery and other sports. Τhe visitor can enjoy walks in the fresh mountain air, eat in picturesque taverns, relax in front of a burning fireplace, in a traditional guest house.

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In addition to the surrounding natural beauty that you really cannot get enough of, it is worth visiting the small church of the Assumption, one of the oldest, dating back to the late 1700s, but also climbing up to the small church of Agios Athanasios, built on the hill above the village!

Kaimaktsalan Ski Center

Going up towards the ski center of Vora/Kaimaktsalan whose base is at an altitude of 2,040 meters and is the highest in the country. The snow quality is excellent and it usually has the longest run per year. Even when there is no snow, you can climb up to the highest peak of Vora – Prophet Ilias at 2,524 meters high – which our country shares with neighboring North Macedonia. At the top dominates the picturesque chapel of the Prophet Ilias, which is a monument to Serbian fallen during the fierce battles that took place in the area during the First World War. The peaks of Vora/Kaimaktsalan, an important area for epidemic predators, are included in the list of biotopes of the Natura 2000 network and are protected.



Vegoritida is an ideal destination for cycling and hiking and attracts many nature lovers in all seasons of the year. For those who wish to swim, there is a landscaped beach area with umbrellas and sunbeds, while water sports enthusiasts can enjoy sailing, rowing, canoeing and kayaking. and kitesurfing, boating.

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Lake Vegoritida

Lake Vegoritida, the third deepest lake in Greece, is located in Macedonia and belongs to Pella and Florina. According to ancient legend, Vegoritis was created by chance, when a girl accidentally sealed the mouth of a well. The result was to flood the village, but also the nearby plain, forming a large lake. Excavations in the area actually prove the existence of settlements, on the banks of the Vegoritis, thousands of years ago. More than 160 species of wild birds nest in the area, including silver pelicans, rose pelicans, golden eagles, sea eagles and falcons, creating an interesting scene suitable for observation. On the banks of Vegoritis, however, you will also find rare specimens of flora and fauna in a unique geological landscape: three nearby lakes, that of Petra, Zazari and Chimarritis, are hydrologically connected to each other.

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Back to the village!

The traditional hospitality and local gastronomy with the distinctive local flavors of Macedonia is the best in this beautiful place and on this beautiful slope of Mount Voras in Kaimaktsalan.You can sample and even source excellent local products such as honey, fruit, spoon sweets, bato cheese, "chuske" peppers, and pasta.

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There are several traditional guesthouses, which offer a good night's sleep in the fresh mountain air. After all, when you travel one day is never enough.