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Travelling South Nafpaktos

Travelling South-Nafpaktos

Today we travel to the South to a very special place. The magnificent city of Nafpaktos, a place for all months of the year, beautiful, historic and relaxed at the same time. Nafpaktos is a seaside town of Aitoloakarnania and is located on the coastline of the Gulf of Corinth, a short distance from the mountainous hinterland. With a long history, Nafpaktos is one of the oldest cities in Greece.

Nafpaktos is what we call passepartout. An all-season destination that has the added bonus of being about two and a half hours from the capital. Holidays in Nafpaktos and its beautiful mountain villages offer moments of incomparable carefreeness. The blue flag awarded beaches of Nafpaktos, as well as its centuries-old history, attract the attention of visitors all year round.

Our first stop is undoubtedly at the harbor which looks like a small lake, for a coffee in the sun with a view of the high walls and the fishing boats. In Nafpaktos, you can spend a relaxed two days which can be limited to walks in Stenopazaros, the clock on the hill, eating on the beach, drinking in the port or you can be a little more active and go out of town, doing nearby or even more long trips.

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Strolling through the assets

One of the most beautiful and picturesque ports of the country is that of Nafpaktos. At Easter in Nafpaktos, the epitaphs of Agia Paraskevi and Agios Dimitrios end up in the imposing port, people sing, the Municipal Philharmonic plays mournfully and the city plunges into darkness so that everyone can admire the illuminated walls and the numerous fireworks.
Starting from the port and passing through districts with flowered courtyards and paved cobblestones we go up to the Castle. It is one of the most beautiful in Europe. On the way you will meet the Botsaris Tower, an impressive building of the 15th century. which functions as a museum and the City Clock of 1914. The view from the top of the hill towards the sea where the impressive Rio Antirio Bridge rises, is unique.

A small cobblestone path takes you inside the Castle which is full of pine trees and forms a wonderful balcony with a view.

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If you now want to do some kilometers more, you will go up to Ano Chora, which at this time of year is a beauty. Nature has done its best and small colorful flowers are popping up in the middle of the dense fir forest. Stone houses, well-paved cobblestones and great views of the surrounding mountains also create a beautiful picture. Mountainous Nafpaktia, one of the most exciting mountain destinations in Greece. The dense forests, the river Evinos and Lake Evinolimni, the ravines, the stone fountains with running water compose a fairytale setting.

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Terpsithea, Elatou, Ano Chora, the most developed tourist village in the region, Ampelakiotissa with the monastery of the same name, Platanos, Simos, Kato Chora, Krioneri, are just some of the villages that await you to enjoy wild nature and their warm hospitality.
Holidays in this place will enchant you. Throw the boats in the water and start the descent of Evinos. With Rafting, Canoe kayaking, hiking in Evinos, climbing and mountaineering in Varasova, the mountain that rises vertically from the sea to 900m, 4x4 jeep routes, you will come into direct contact with nature and enjoy action and adventure.

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Saint Kyriaki is a verdant forest recreation area. It is located at an altitude of 1300m. and is surrounded by dense fir forest. A mountain bike path has been identified in the area, while it can be your starting point for mountain routes.

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The city has many options for dining as well. It is a place where you will enjoy the mountainous Roumelio cuisine, as well as fresh fish and seafood with typical dishes of the local gastronomy. at the same time, meat also dominates, but – mainly lamb, pork and chicken – is also certain. Because the mountainous Roumelio cuisine with spits and roasts is the star of the city. the main food of the region is pies.

In summer, many cultural events take place, many of them related to music, dance, and theatre, as well as to exhibitions of paintings, photography, and books. For those who love the sea and sun, there are some great beaches on the east and west side. It is a special place, which you must definitely visit and you will remember us!!!

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